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top attractions in kusadasi
Top attractions in Kusadasi
ephesus Turkey
top kusadasi attractions - ephesus EPHESUS
The history of Ephesus goes back to 3000 BC.  It is one of the most beatiful ancient cities in the world. Read more>
top kusadasi attractions CAMEL WRESTLING
The Selcuk Camel Wrestling Festival is held annually either in December or in January, usually the Sunday around the 15th. Read more>
top kusadasi attractions DILEK NATIONAL PARK
The national park near Kusadasi is a naturel beauty where you can enjoy walking and picnics for seven months of the year from April to November, and go swimming throughout the summer months. Read more>
top kusadasi attractions The SEVEN CHURCHES of the APOCALYPSE
The final "book" of the Christian Bible’s New Testament is "Revelation" – a vision of the end of world and "Judgement Day"...Read more>
top kusadasi attractions IZMIR
Izmir is a huge modern town - the third largest in Turkey after Istanbul and the capital Ankara - where few Tourists venture. Read more>
top kusadasi attractions FISH MARKET IN KUSADASI
It is on the right before coming to the port.You can find the fresh catch of the day. Whether it is mackerel, octopus, sea bass, gray mullet, red mullet, anchovy, sea bream... Read more>
top kusadasi attractions TURKISH BATH
Definitely one of "The Good Things in Life " - " up there" with massage, having your hair washed ,having a Turkish Bath is a sensual delight and good for you too. Read more>
top kusadasi attractions BOAT TRIP
The blue waters of the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea surround Turkey to the south...Read more>
attractions kusadasi SCUBA DIVING
Scuba Diving is very popular in Turkey, divers from all over the world are discovering this relatively un-dived corner of the Mediterranean. Read more>
There are three local markets worth seeing in Kusadasi. Every Tuesday and Friday for vegetables and fruits, every Wednesday just for clothes. Read more>
Samos is the Greek island where the famous Greek wine comes from. Samos is 1,4 mile far from Kusadasi and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes from by ferry. Read more>
There are 3 waterparks in Kusadasi which 2 are among the largest ones in Europe. Read more>
To have an authentic and fantastic time, you should see the “Turkish Show Night” held in Caravanserail. Read more>
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